About Signature Cleaning

Signature Cleaners is committed to bring premium dry-cleaning services to our environmentally conscious customers. We were one of the first drycleaners to invest in the latest environmentally friendly cleaning technology in Princeton, NJ. Our leadership was featured in the GOS Cleaners Corporation.

Signature Cleaners powered by GOS Cleaners saves you time without spending more money. We don't charge higher prices or extra fees for our special dry cleaning service. We've automated everything to save you time with our ten-second call in or automatic regular scheduling. You don't even have to be around for payment when we deliver your order.

Our Professional Cleaning Services

At Signature Cleaners, we understand that you need a quick, easy and professional cleaning service to help with all of your dry cleaning needs. We have a wide variety of services that will keep you and your home clean and comfortable all season long.

Our Dry Cleaning Services Include:

  •   ·  Care for and Treatment of All Leather and Suede Goods
  •   ·  Carpet Cleaning
  •   ·  Carpet Repair
  •   ·  Formal and Fine Beaded Garments
  •   ·  Free Pick Up and Delivery
  •   ·  Shirts Laundered
  •   ·  On-Premise Cleaning
  •   ·  Professional Tailoring
  •   ·  Professional Alteration
  •   ·  Shoe Repair
  •   ·  Wedding Gown Preservation
  •   ·  Wet Cleaning

Thank you for visiting the online home of Signature Cleaners. If you or someone you know is in need of our pickup and delivery dry cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Signature Cleaners


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